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SouthCoast LocationFinder is a UK location hire agency for the film, photography and corporate event sectors. Hires include editorial, advertorial, national and international advertising campaigns, music videos, online and social engagement, and television and cinematic feature releases. 

We are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful locations with some of the most amazing properties, that are quietly nestled in the South Downs national park and across the Southcoast.

We believe in the quality of our locations and don’t focus on quantity, we endeavour to build personal relationships with all our location owners, enabling us to focus on what our clients are looking to achieve from their location, whether it be a photoshoot, TV commercial, film, documentary or another event, we want to help you facilitate this.

We are happy to work with all location owners within the UK, if they feel they have something special to bring to the portfolio of locations we are currently building.

We believe that talking not just texting, visiting not just visualising gives us the opportunity to be as honest and translucent with both location owners and clients, hopefully saving time, money and resources on the client’s location search.

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Southcoast LocationFinder is a small family-run high-end property location finder agency established in 2022 located in the stunning South Downs. Working with an array of clients from quiet country homes to stately castles and everything in between.


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We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

There is no real answer as it all depends on what the client is looking to do, it may be a small photo shoot which can earn around £1000 per day, or obviously filming work can be a lot more lucrative, we do our best to achieve the best price for you, but often shoots/tv work have budgets already in place, rest assured you will always be kept informed.

No it doesn’t, it’s complete free to register with us. If a booking is confirmed our agency fee is 20% and we charge the client a small booking fee. When we discuss the rates of pay with you, we will always advise of the net rate (that you will receive). 

There will obviously be an amount of disruption to your daily routine, often the crew will turn up with furniture, clothes, shoes, and clothes rails and will move your furniture around, there may be 8/10 people for photo shoots, with their equipment, and they are normally very courteous and you will know what to expect beforehand because we will brief you on the project requirements.

Not unless you want to, as long as you can tuck yourself away, it is best if you are there in the morning to show the crew around, make sure Tea, and coffee is available and the bathroom is well stocked, and again there in the evening to check you are happy with the way your property has been left, (obviously this may be different for tv/film work)

Photos always look better taken in good light, and most phones, nowadays are suitable, make sure you are being as realistic as possible, making sure that you have de-cluttered and everything is clean and tidy, its best to take photos of all the rooms that you are offering, the gardens and other unique areas that may be used, it is sometimes worth having a professional portfolio done, we do have an agency photographer who we can book to come and take professional images of your property, there is a fee for this so please contact us for further information.

Often but not always, there will be a recce, someone will come and visit your location to check suitability, you will require the location to be tidy and clutter-free, and they will take some photos of the areas they wish to use, and report back to us, this usually only takes half an hour and is agreed with you beforehand. We also ask that you return all paperwork promptly when we are trying to book your locations.

We hope that your property and furnishings will not be damaged but you do have to accept an amount of wear and tear, this is why it is important to check the property after the crew have been there, so we can ensure that we can put right anything that may have been damaged, we ensure that all our clients do have valid insurance.

There are many positives in showing off your location, it may be featured in a glossy magazine, it may feature on a television ad-vert, and you get to meet some very interesting people, whilst earning a lucrative income. But there is a little you do need to do to help. But we will run through all of this with you.

Absolutely not, you are under no obligation to accept anything. 

Unfortunately not, it is impossible for us to know what our clients are going to be looking for from one day to another, we can guarantee that your property will be suggested for any brief that it is suitable for though! 

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